How to successfully assess partner compatibility to ensure powerful strategic alliances and partnerships


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When creating alliances and partnerships, it is important to look at partner fit and compatibility, meaning that it is about who we are and how we operate and whether that fits with who your partner is and how they operate.

The purpose of partner assessment is to find the right compatibility and to identify the differences, so that you ensure the greatest chance of success and longevity in your partnerships. 


We are Peter Simoons and Anoop Nathwani. We are recognized and seasoned Alliances & Partnerships professionals, with decades of experience in building and managing Alliances and Partnerships with impact in the billions.

We understand the challenges you, as an Alliances and Partnerships professional, face as we have walked in your shoes and built and managed Alliances and Partnerships for a long time and at the highest level. Today we utilize our experience in helping you build and manage successful Alliances and Partnerships and allowing you to drive competitive advantage for your business. 

The time I’ve spent with Anoop Nathwani and Peter Simoons was an investment, not just for the company by providing me the right tools, methods and mindset for successfully alliances. It was also an investment in myself, to focus on the “Why” and re-discover the passion of alliances work.

Roger Risdal – Strategic Alliances Manager, Adobe EMEA

Peter and Anoop are seasoned professionals. They have spent the time and energy in choreographing their content in such a way that is both educational, drawing on their decades of industry experience, while also keeping it engaging.

David Landreth - Head of Revenue and Global Alliances at Augmentir

Covid Crisis has clearly demonstrated that assessing and managing strategic partnerships successfully can build significant and sustainable strategic competitive advantage whatever your business...Successful partnerships are anything but improvisation.

Frédéric Ollier - Founder and President, Illore Developpment