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Creating Successful Partnerships

Learn How To Drive Innovation, Growth And Competitive Advantage Through Successful Alliances & Partnerships


Greater than 60% of CEOs now recognise Alliances & Partnerships is a path to achieve the following:

→ Strategic Growth

→ Innovation

→ Competitive advantage

→ ESG targets and goals

Yet the typical failure rate in Alliances & Partnerships is greater than 50%.

Leading companies in their industry sectors are leveraging on Alliances & Partnerships much more than the followers, and with that they are achieving greater Returns on their Investment (ROI) from partnering

This online course will provide you with some great insight into the frameworks, tools and skills needed to develop and drive success in and through Alliances & Partnerships.

It also provides a great introduction into the Alliance Masterclass which is a longer more comprehensive, instructor led programme.

This is an opportunity to grow your leadership skills and gain great insight into growing your company’s business by overcoming the challenges involved in Alliances & Partnerships.


This in return will create growth, drive innovation and create competitive advantage for your company, and help you become a collaborative leader in your organisation.

This class shares some tools and insights that will be a great help for our daily assessment and partnership management process.

Head of Business Development
- North America



Strategic alliances are the most effective way to create value. But how to build, maintain and assess a successful alliance? Peter and Anoop provided me with all the tools to do it! 

Max Wink - Business Developer at Hardt Hyperloop



This training is very thorough and useful for Alliance Managers of all experience levels. It was engaging and gave me a great framework in which to build and foster strong partnerships.

Lisa Nicholas - Alliance Manager Coeo Ltd



Creating Successful Partnerships

A comprehensive step-by-step course which walks the attendee through the frameworks, processes and tools combined with the “soft” skills required to create and manage successful partnerships.

  • 13x Comprehensive Step-By-Step Video Tutorials 
  • 13x Downloadable PDF's Of The Teaching Slides
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Creating Successful Partnerships

An online course that will provide you with great insight into the frameworks, tools and skills needed to develop and drive success in and through Alliances & Partnerships

“Creating Successful Partnerships” is a comprehensive step-by-step course for experienced and new Alliances & Partnerships professionals, as well as all professionals involved in any way shape or form with any partnering activity.

This will allow you to get onto the right path to attaining those vital leadership skills that will put you and your company on the right path to successful partnering, and for your company to be able to drive the accelerated growth and innovation.


Not only did this class give me new knowledge on how to better succeed as an Alliance Manager, but also give me a lot of useful insights and ideas to directly improve my company's relation to our alliances.


Carl-Marcus Löfgren, Alliance Manager at Iver Nordic



Peter and Anoop are clearly professionals. They have spent the time and energy in choreographing their class in such a way that is both educational, and drawing on their decades of industry experience while also keeping the class fun and engaging. 

David Landreth - Head of Revenue and Global Alliances at Augmentir



Covid Crisis has clearly demonstrated that assessing and managing strategic partnerships successfully can build significant and sustainable strategic competitive advantage whatever your business. Successful partnerships are anything but improvisation.

Frédéric Ollier - Founder and President - ILLORE DEVELOPPEMENT



Join the hundreds of business professionals who have already gained tangible benefits from this alliance training!


We are Peter Simoons and Anoop Nathwani, recognized and seasoned Alliances & Partnerships professionals with decades of experience in building and managing Alliances and Partnerships with impact in the billions.

We understand the challenges you face as we have walked in your shoes and built and managed Alliances and Partnerships for a long time and at the highest level. Today we utilize our experience in helping you to do the same, so you can drive competitive advantage for your business. 

We practice what we preach: we both have our own company (Simoons & Company and Consortio Consulting) and Alliance Accelerator and the Alliance Masterclass are the results of an alliance between our two companies.