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Meet The Partnership Behind Alliance Accelerator

Peter Simoons  (Co-Founder)

Alliances Leadership Coach, Peter helps people and companies make business collaborations work. Leveraging more than three decades of experience in collaborative work, he finds practical solutions that deliver quick results.

Peter has worked in various companies in the Netherlands. In 2001, he pivoted towards alliances as Global Client Executive Healthcare (IBM) before becoming an Alliance Executive, developing and managing global alliances with Royal Philips and NXP Semiconductors.  For five years, Peter was President of the Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals (Benelux), he also co-founded The Alliance Roundtable and Alliance Accelerator.  Since 2010, Peter has built a thriving career as an independent Alliances Leadership Coach.

As an Alliances Leadership Coach, Peter has worked with numerous internationally oriented organisations concentrating on business collaborations.  Coaching is delivered in various ways: one-to-one, coaching executive committees, facilitating alliance masterclasses, working with joint venture boards and co-ordinating cross-organisational alliance teams.

Peter works with clients from several industry verticals, including Technology, Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, FMCG and ICT. 

Anoop Nathwani (Co-Founder)

Anoop is a highly entrepreneurial and business-centric Senior Alliances and Partnerships professional with over 26 years of experience and global expertise in delivering excellence. He has extensive knowledge developing and driving ground-breaking strategic business development initiatives through the establishment and development of global strategic alliances. Anoop is recognised as the catalyst for transformative change and improvement in high-profile global partnerships, bringing alliance best practices and an inventive approach to multiple business areas to deliver positive impact on bottom-line.

Anoop's experience spans a number of industry verticals, particularly working in the Telecommunications sector for 15 years with companies such as Vodafone, Hutchison and Nokia amongst others. He especially focuses on strategy and thought leadership, as well as operations and execution.

Furthermore, Anoop previously held the position of President of ASAP UK, the only professional body in the world for Strategic Alliance professionals and he has co-authored a published strategy paper detailing the impact of motivations on Alliances.

Fernanda Francischetti Piza (Partner)

Fernanda works alongside organisations and professionals, building and empowering collaborative businesses, encouraging collaborative relationships and achieving alliance management maturity. An alliance consultant, she concentrates on minimising inefficiencies and risks inherent to certain business models as well as building flexibility and governance to accommodate changes. She is extremely focused on creating value for alliance partners and their customers/end users.

Particularly experienced in pharmaceuticals, Fernanda held various roles for some of Brazil’s largest and most successful companies. She has also helped smaller, private enterprises grow their success. During her career, Fernanda was involved in project management, managing portfolios focused on drug and technology development. Since 2012, she has been working on alliance management, negotiating and managing alliances based on various business models (e.g., co-development and in-and-out licence at developmental phases as well as during commercial phases).

Fernanda’s experience includes business development, designing and negotiating partnerships, building relationships and managing alliance portfolios aligned with organisational strategy and shareholders’ interests. Furthermore, she mentors others, fostering collaborative culture and positively influencing stakeholders to build trusting relationships and adequate alliance governance.

Adrienne Leussa PhD (Partner)

Dr. Adrienne Leussa is an accomplished professional with expertise in life sciences and healthcare industry. Adrienne has deep knowledge of different cultures and in navigating various business environments across Africa.

Beginning her career as a research scientist, she concentrated on research and development projects for pharmaceutical and biotech applications and has held various high-profile roles in the industry.

Adrienne has deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities in the industry. Having spent 20+ years in stakeholder management across the life sciences and healthcare ecosystem, she has helped organisations build and maintain effective relationships with key stakeholders. She is also the founder and host of the African Biotech Conversations podcast.

Adrienne is now managing director of Sanilux Pty Ltd t/a Adrienne Leussa Consulting, helping companies in the life sciences and healthcare industry in Africa build and maintain effective relationships and partnerships with key stakeholders. Her expertise in navigating complex regulatory environments, building trust and developing strong relationships with stakeholders makes her an invaluable resource for companies seeking expansion in Africa.

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When creating alliances and partnerships, it is important to look at partner fit and compatibility, meaning that it is about who we are and how we operate and whether that fits with who your partner is and how they operate.

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